Having a smooth and flawless skin-this is what we are passionate about here at Dr. Glamogenic. We believe that skincare products do not have to contain chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients such as steroids and mercury in order to be effective. Instead, we rely on nature for the safest, effective and most natural ingredients possible when formulating our skin care products.

We’re born in Australia and our headquarter is located there as well. Since beauty obsessives can’t stop talking about Australian beauty, because the power of Australian skin care companies lies in our access to unique indigenous botanics and nutrients that make our products particularly potent and effective, our products at Dr. Glamogenic are created and formulated with Australian lifestyle in mind and tailored to our specific needs.


Dr. Glamogenic was established with the belief that no two skin types are created the same, so skincare products should be designed to suit different skin types and consumers should have the opportunity of choosing what goes into, or out of, their skincare products.


At Dr. Glamogenic, our purpose is to cultivate beauty. We are focused on supporting your overall looks, beauty and skin care, and that of every living being. We strive for everyone to be empowered to cultivate beauty everywhere in the world, for ourselves, for our children and for the future of our planet.


Expansive know-how, as well as practical and professional experience, is the basis for how we operate and for the relationships and communication that exist between our experts and our customers. We at Dr. Glamogenic believe that instilling knowhow and experience in our customers is our duty, so we have Doctors that have over 30 years’ experience in the skin care and beauty treatment sector.

We know the benefits of research, so our Doctors spend a lot of time and effort researching each ingredient and their benefits to the skin for the development of our products. We know that goes on your body is key, so we choose only bio-actives that have a lot of benefits to skin health, and ingredients that protect the efficacy of the formula and make it enjoyable to use. The outcome? Clean, safe skincare, containing no toxins, no harsh or controversial chemicals, and no potential irritants – at all.


We understand that a lot of people suffer from skin blemishes such as acne, age spots, wrinkles, dark circles, eczema, blackheads and lot more, and that people have different skin type and each of these blemishes and skin types need specific treatments.


We are committed to taking care of each skin type and all these skin problems with our safe and effective products so that all our customers will be happy.


We understand that everyone wants a flawless and healthy skin, so we are focused on giving all our customers this. Our goal is to give you confidence in your skin.


We make use of ingredients that enhance and promote the production of collagen and elastin, which are great for youthful looking skin, as well as ingredients that help fight against cell-damaging free radicals.


Our Doctors understand the urgency to reduce and eliminate wrinkles, facial lines and sagging skin at any age, so we take care of this. We make use of ingredients that help to lighten skin pigmentation, as well as moisturize, hydrate and bring suppleness to your skin.


We make use of ingredients that help treat oily skin, acne, acnes scars and black heads. We understand the effect acne and blackheads have on people and we want to help our customers regain their confidence and boost their self-esteem.


We use ingredients that help tackle dry and scaly skin, which is ow of the causes of wrinkles and aging skin. We help our customers get back their supple and soft skin.


We are excited to share our skin care products with our customers. Our company has grown organically and we would love to provide our customers with fresh and organic products.