Our Uniqueness

So, what makes Dr. Glamogenic stand out? Why is it so different from other skin care and cosmetic companies?

Dr. Glamogenic is an easily accessible, natural beauty care range that is specifically designed for a contemporary lifestyle.

Why is skincare company accessible?

At Dr. Glamogenic, our belief is that no one should compromise when it comes to skin care and beauty, so we have created a top quality beauty and skin care system that everybody can afford. We see to it that our customers pay primarily for the product they are buying and not for costly promotions and packaging.

Our Mission

At Dr. Glamogenic, we aim to create and provide healthy and effective skin care products that are designed to treat, rejuvenate, and improve the skin and enhance our customer’s looks, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our customers by helping them look beautiful and regaining their confidence.

Our Philosophy

We are aware that our company is only as strong as the thoughts and actions of the great team who run it. To instill loyalty, creativity and productivity, our company aims to share profit with our employees who have shown long standing loyalty and productivity.

Our Vision

As a leading professional brand marketed in Australia, our guiding vision is the creation of skin care products that offer original results and quality of life to our customers.


⦁ Through consistent innovation that is aimed at developing advanced skin care products based on active ingredients.

⦁ Through professionally developing and enriching human resources, by offering know- how and practical experience to cosmeticians.

Our Values

We have devised our values which we live and breathe by every day when discussing with our customers in the consultation room, via email or social media or any other form of contact.


Our business operation is guided by the following values:

⦁ Professionalism and innovation
⦁ Beauty
⦁ Quality and a rich variety of advanced skin care treatment
⦁ Social responsibility
⦁ Reliability and integrity
⦁ Sustainability
⦁ Authenticity and Honesty
⦁ Friendly with our clients