Whitening Spot Serum

Not being able to get rid of those annoying dark circles? Are dark spots marring your complexion? If your current beauty routine is failing to produce desired results, it is time to change it! Try this amazing Whitening Spot Serum, and watch the difference in only a few weeks.


Brightens Skin

Has your skin become dull and lost its former glow? Use this serum to repair damaged skin and improve facial complexion. Soon you will get back your natural radiance.

Hydrates Skin

As it is enriched with vitamins, it assists your skin cells in providing intense moisture to your skin. It provided the nourishment required for the skin, so it becomes tighter and more elastic.

Lightens Pigmentation

Dark spots can form due to acne, pigmentation, etc. They are very difficult to get rid of, but this serum distributes melanin evenly so skin tone gets a boost, while the spots gradually become lighter.

Eradicates Dark Circles

Dark circles are also tough to deal with, but this serum slowly lightens the area so the circles eventually disappear.

Quick Absorption

At times, serum leave behind slightly oily or greasy residue, but this particular product has a smooth texture and is rapidly absorbed by the skin in seconds, so there is nothing left behind on the surface.

How to use

Although you can apply the serum on its own, it is best to use it with other products during your daily skin cleansing routine. This way the results are more effective. Apply a small amount of serum when the skin is still damp. After application, wait till the serum is completely absorbed to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin layers. Apply a moisturizer when you are done.

Use the serum to get brighter skin and prevent ugly breakouts.
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