Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist

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A unique multi-model and multifunctional topical formulation that delivers antibacterial polyvalent silver ions mist. It contains efficient bactericidal ions combined with natural plant extracts such as butterfly pea flower and mint extract. The cutting-edge biotechnology-based polyvalent ion spray transforms silver citrate into biocidal silver ions with an efficiency of 99.99%. Silver ions combined with natural extracts provide strong bacterial killing properties.


Silver ions are a potent antimicrobial agent. Multiple clinical trials reported that silver ions act on bacterial cells and interact with the cellular replication and function of the microbe. Thus, the polyvalent silver ions disrupt the cellular machinery as well as the bacterial DNA replication. So, an optimal mist of DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Silver Ions kills bacteria on the skin surface and protects our loved ones from pathogenic conditions.


Benefits of DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist

Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist is a multifunctional antimicrobial spray that can effectively kill broad strains of bacteria, fungi, and mildew, living in our surroundings. Without a proper biocidal formula, like Polyvalent Mist, these microbes can easily attack our skin cells and cause inflammation, eczema, allergic skin reactions, and itching.


Moreover, wearing a mask all day long increases the risk of allergies, dermatitis, itching, redness, and scars or marks. So, combined with DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist, we can protect ourselves all day long without adverse skin effects. Additionally, the multifunctional spray effectively removes clogged microbes and dead cells in the skin pores, reducing the risk of acne and skin imperfections. Besides, natural extracts in DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist improve skin moisturization, soothe skin, increase skin resistance against free radicals, promote skin calmness, and keep the skin healthy, active, and perfect.


Composition of DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist

Sliver citrate is the main ingredient in our DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist. Upon spraying, silver citrate transforms into effective bactericidal silver ions with cutting-edge biotechnology. Silver citrate contains potent antibacterial activity, acting on the cell membranes and causing cell instability. It interferes the normal metabolic function and destroys DNA replication, killing the microbe. DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist combined the antimicrobial silver citrate with natural extracts for other skin benefits.


How to use DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist

The use of DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist is simple, but make sure you shake it well before use because shaking increases the content uniformity and enhances the ions generation at each puff. It’s suitable for use on the face, hair, hands, and other body parts. You can use the bactericidal Silver ions for disinfection of other non-living surfaces. Also, DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Silver Mist does not have any age restrictions, applicable for both children and grandparents.


Quality of DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist

Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist passed SGS tests and Dermatologically Tested. It did not contain heavy metals particles or toxic chemicals. The dual efficacy test ensured 99.99% antimicrobial property against bacteria. The expert dermatologists recommend DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist for topical skin application. Moreover, after a thorough evaluation, the inistry of Health Malaysia (KKM) approved the DR. Glamogenic Polyvalent Mist as a safe bactericidal product.